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Smoking is dangerous and comes with a variety of lasting health effects. The effect smoking tobacco has on an individual is based on their size, genetics and weight. However, statistics indicate that smoking is directly related to 7 million deaths per year. As people become more aware of this fact, many have been switching to vaping instead. So, the question that lies to be answered is “Are there advantages to vaping vs tobacco smoking?” Let’s take a look at how vaping is significantly better than smoking.

1) Less Damage On The Body

Vaping is definitely less harmful to your body than smoking tobacco. For starters, they consist of three primary ingredients: organic smokable oil, nicotine and flavor. Alternatively, tobacco cigarettes have over 4000 different chemicals in them, some of which are known carcinogens. The effects these chemicals have on the body include: dizziness, nausea, mouth cancer, stomach cancer, ulcers and increased risk of premature death. As such, by switching to vaping, you completely eliminate the possibility of exposing yourself to avoidable life threatening conditions.

2) No Smoke Inhalation

The primary difference between vaping and smoking is that one leads to the production of vapors while one leads to the production of smoke. Smoke itself is responsible for the bad breath smokers have. This smoke also lingers on your clothes and your home. Vaping doesn’t leave an after smell on your clothes, nor does it lead to bad breath.

3) Better For The Lungs

Another common symptom every smoker experience is shortness of breath. This is because smoking damages the airways of the lungs. The reason this occurs is that when the smoke is introduced into the lungs, it leads to the production of an abundance of mucus. This excess production of mucus is difficult to get out, which is why many smokers cough in the morning when they wake up. Vaping leads to the production of vapor, which is cooler than smoke which means it doesn’t not leave a negative impact on the lungs or effect mucus production.

4) Less Expensive

Vaping is drastically more cost effective than smoking. When you purchase a box of cigarettes, half of the money you spend goes toward taxes. Another 25% goes towards the company’s promo expenses. Vaping manufacturers produce vape kits at a more cost efficient rate than how cigarette manufactures produce cigarettes. They also don’t face the same taxes that big tobacco companies face. In turn, this leads to a product that is up to 7 times cheaper than their cigarette counterparts.

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